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Search Methodology


Stage 1-Understanding Client and Need Assessment

We take the time to meet with the client stakeholders/hiring managers on an assignment in order to gain a clear understanding of the role itself, its mandate, organizational structure and culture and business strategy of the client enterprise. Utilising our sector expertise, we can help define the role and the key competencies required as well as suggesting a salary and benefits package that will attract the most talented individuals.


Stage 2-Position specific competency mapping

Being a system driven recruitment and are known for rigor of our heavily research-based methodology. We develop a mapping plan to identify potential candidates which includes job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas (KRAs), job specifications, compensations/remuneration, working environment, location and other relevant details. We do this via our in-house research staff and our extensive network of industry contacts. Flair Solutions provides you with detailed profiles of prospective candidates, saving valuable time in the initial stages of the search. We work with you to answer important questions about prospective candidates and, together, we finalize a list of targeted candidates.


Stage 3-Industry or Company specific mapping

Our dedicated knowledge management team has the capability to quickly identify the most talented people that match a client's specific requirements. We develop a target list of appropriate companies you wish to hire form. Using our in-depth market knowledge and adopting an inclusive approach we target the most appropriate individuals in a discreet and professional manner.


Stage 4-Sourcing

Upon finalization of target industries or companies, we leverage our database & extensive networks of industry contacts, this helps us developing initial list of candidates.


Stage 5-First Short-listing

The preliminary interview gives the first short-listing of most optimum fit and qualified candidates. A comprehensive report is the prepared and submitted to our clients on four or five individuals, who fulfill the specified position closely.


Stage 6-Evaluation

Our consultants conduct in-depth candidate interviews in order to provide a thorough and objective analysis of the capabilities of candidates and their 'fit' to the client company. We prepare a detailed resume and evaluation summary of the candidate as our recommendation for the role.


Stage 7-Interviews

We aim to offer strong match candidates for consideration in each search with detailed resume and our consultant’s observation to facilitate the interview process. We offer value addition to the interview process with travel arrangements. Post the interview, we take feedback from candidate & client to work on final shortlist.


Stage 8-Reference check

Flair Solutions conducts detailed and formal reference check of on the candidate you wish to recruit. Background checks if required are been done through reputed agencies.


Stage 9-Negotiation & Offer

Our in depth knowledge of market compensation – we actively participate in offer/compensation


Stage 10-Follow up

We maintain our dialogues with the candidate until he or she joins the company.


We have a long list of satisfied clients from various industries.